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Our Board of Directors

Larry Thornton.jpg

Larry Thornton

Founder & CEO of Check Processing and ATM Deposit

Larry Thornton is a self-made entrepreneur who has founded multiple software companies, all with significant market shares in the Check Processing and ATM Deposit market in many large banks in America and Europe. Larry developed strong business relationships with large public companies such as IBM, Unisys, and NCR Corporation to leverage their hardware platforms, software platforms, and customer relationships.

Jana Harris

Attorney at Law

I began to see young men and women is prison for far to long of sentences for minor infractions and the guilty often go free. I left the firm resolute to "help the underdog" - those who got disparate treatment by having a public defender, or who didn't know how to speak to the Court.

Jana harris.jpg
Bill Shinler.jpg

Bill Schindler

Director - Hyperbaric PHP "People Helping People"

Bill is a dynamic speaker who shares his experience and knowledge to educate groups and individuals across the country regarding the potential benefit of increasing oxygen to the body at the cellular level through the utilization of mild HYPERBARIC Therapy (mHBT), portable mild Hyperbaric Chambers. 

Craig Berkman

Director of Free at Last Coalition

Born: Sioux City, Iowa... Raised in California and Oregon/lives in Tampa Florida

Craig Berkman.jpg
Sam Serio.jpg

Dr. Sam Serio

Leadership Develoment Specialist

Dr. Sam is a Leadership Development specialist in southern California working with multi-million dollar corporations in training managers with new skills to become better company leaders.

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