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Stephanie Godron

Two years ago me and my family relocated from Albany, GA to Atlanta GA. In the midst of our journey we became stranded in a drug infested room in a hotel with no way out. One day, we were just trying to feed our family and get through the day, when we were BLESSED. No, I'm not talking about with monetary value, but with the presence of GOD!

My Story

My husband was in Denny's and began to have a verbal altercation with the manager about our food and money. That is when Mrs. Pamela, who was just a customer herself at the time, stepped in and assisted with the facilitating of the conversation which ended on a successful note, along with her helping us out...

The thing is, that day not only were we able to resolve such a minor issue, but we also gained a friend for life!

After meeting Mrs. Pamela, she got my whole family out of the hotel room. She gave us makeovers, clothes, food, furniture and most importantly, she gave us unconditional love with no judgement. She saved our lives! She would tell us that we were going to reach back and help other families that were going through the same things we were. I couldn't see that at the time, but I felt I wanted to do something to help others someday.

We eventually were able to get jobs, a car, and a apartment which she helped furnish, and we finally became stable. Everything was going so well, but unbeknownst to me, my journey was really just beginning. After being stable for almost a year, we became homeless again! The questions now being asked were, "How & Why"?

Things actually became very complicated, now as I am reminiscing about it. I had just left for maternity leave from my job and was due to deliver in the next three months because I had a lot of complications with the baby in the hospital. I just kept asking GOD to please make a way for us, and How? & Why? was I again going through this same circumstance.

To make things worse, my husband lost his freedom (when to jail) and here I was... alone with four boys, a (2mo), (2yr), (13yr) & (14yr) old who is disabled, nonverbal and is wheelchair bound. 

Now we are back in another hotel room that had to be paid daily. Pamela helped with this also. She came all the way down to Albany to get us to bring us back to Atlanta and helped us try to get emergency housing and so we could be stable again. That didn't work out!

So, now you are probably asking yourself, "How did she ever survive all of that"? GOD, that's how! Was it a hard battle to stay grounded in GODs promises for my life? Yes! It was. It's not that I didn't have faith, it was that was I was so broken that I could hardly hold my head up or go through the day without breaking down. I was suffering from post-partum depression so bad after having the baby, that I actually thought about killing myself a 100 times a day, but every time I had gotten to my lowest thought, GOD would always intercept and give me that boost I needed to keep going. Pamela would call or I would call her. 

I began to close myself up from the world. I was angry, hurt and delusional. I could not see past the end of my nose at this time. I broke down one day crying and I called Mrs. Pamela and I told her all the things that had takes place. I told about the terrible situation I found myself in and she came immediately and got me and my kids. While writing this I am getting emotional because there are NO words to describe the amount of gratitude and love that I have for her. She's like the mom I never had. I call her our own personal angel sent from GOD in human form, and I am forever grateful for her being always present in me and my family's life!

Now that, that storm has passed... here is where I can tell you all about the triumphs of my tribulations. I am no longer homeless. I have a three bedroom home with a yard for the kids, and a garage that is just about as big as my house and I am working on turning it into my art studio.

The greatest thing about this story is, I now know why GOD took me through all of these troubled waters. I was too embedded on a MAN saving me and not GOD! I had put more trust in him that I did in GOD. GOD makes no mistakes and everything happens for a reason! GOD had to remove him so that I might be able to go out in the world and minster to other younger women that are in similar or even worse situations. I AM the blueprint and I must show them the way, just as Mrs. Pamela did for me.

I AM now helping young mother's in my community become stable and I will eventually be able to start my own ministry one day soon! I don't have much right now to give, but I do have my unconditional love for GOD and I know that He will always provide for us all. 

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