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Lori Ann

A Powerful Story

of Redemption

My Story

Lori Ann was released much later than Pamela. Due to many years of drug use several of the organs in her body were failing and had to have some of her fingers amputated! She found herself in the hospital on life support for a month and half, and believed her fate was to die in May.


Lori reached out to Pamela in April of 2020. Pamela poured herself into Lori Ann's life as much as she possibly could. Lori Ann detoxed at home for 5 days and got on a disciplined plan that Pamela gave her, which included a necessary health and wellness regimen of walking routinely, hyperbaric oxygen therapy along with Living Fuel shakes and many vitamins. Lori Ann's life style left her so vitamin deficient because of her extreme drug use! Pamela mentored her with the "I See ME Free" workbook program.


Every day Lori Ann could feel her mind and body improving in ways she had never experience before. She actually started getting some feeling back in her hand and other parts of her body. Lori Ann began investing all of her time in Bible studies and daily readings of the "Prayer", "Faith", "I AM" and Anointing resource sheets we provide at LifeChangers Legacy. Additionally, Lori Ann started the "I See ME Free" workbook curriculum. She began seeing herself FREE! After following up with her doctor's visits, she noticed her blood levels were now normal and nearly perfect. This is miracle indeed! Remember, she was on life support for 1 1/2 months and in the hospital for 3 months. 

Today, she is working with LifeChangers Legacy and helping others within the prison system teaching them the "I See ME Free" workbook program. She is a mentor to other women in the prison system. SHE IS FREE! 

And Lori Ann's story doesn't end there...



                                                                                                       Lori Ann's daughter, Cody was recently released from 

                                                                                                       county jail after 5 months. She is mandated into our

                                                                                                       free outpatient "I See ME Free"  program with weekly

                                                                                                       drug testing, one-hour counseling sessions with 

                                                                                                       Pamela per week, and two-hour mom and daughter 

                                                                                                       sessions. She is also currently volunteering within the

                                                                                                       ministry. God is bringing amazing restoration to their

                                                                                                       relationship and into their hearts! This is why we do

                                                                                                       what we do! This is what our "I See ME Free" program

                                                                                                       is all about!

PLEASE HELP US REACH MORE WOMEN AND MEN LIKE LORI ANN AND CODY! There are so many women and men who need our inner-healing transformational program. You can help us by investing in this process so we can reach more and more of these women and men who desperately need Jesus Christ in their live!

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