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Meet Dr. Pamela

Doctorate in Divinity Majoring in Pastoral Counseling | Masters in Christian Education | Paracletos Biblical Specialties Counseling Practitioner | Licensed Ordained Christian Life Empowerment Coach Licensed Ordained IFOC Chaplain | Member of the AACC American Association of Christian Counseling

Chaplain Dr. Pamela Hillman is founding President and CEO of LifeChangers Legacy, Chebar Ministries, a 501c3 non-profit prison and community-based ministry that help at-risk women and men who were incarcerated. We "See" them as "returning citizens", and also provide support to their families. Our goal is to break the revolving door tradition of the prison system, nationally and internationally, since 2012. The organization helps reduce recidivism and prevent homelessness by 63%. 

The "I See Me Free" Incentive Mentorship Program is a one-to-one 12 month program developed by Chaplain Dr. Pamela Hillman and walks alongside the mentee/prisoner via email and video visits.

Dr. Pamela is a Licensed Ordained IFOC Chaplain, a Paracletos Biblical Specialties Counseling Practitioner, a Licensed Ordained Christian Life Empowerment Coach, certified in the Fundamentals of Prevention and Addiction, certified in Cultural Competence and Ethics in Prevention, a Forgiving Forward Coach, a Transformational Leadership Coach, and has an earned Diploma in Theology through the Kineo Training Center in 2021. She is a member of the AACC American Association of Christian Counseling, and many more as well. She is an avid steward of continuous education and growth in the learning of God’s Word.

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A Ministry Born 
from Redemption

Dr. Pamela experienced 3 sexual abuses starting at age 5 and many other horrific tragedies as she learned that drugs could numb that pain by age 9. The pain led to 35 years of addiction and landed her in prison for 18 months in 2010. Pamela tried many programs prior to her incarceration to no avail. While in prison, the Lord spoke to her and said, “The only thing that will change your old mindset is the Word of God, memorize a scripture a day.” She said, “I am on it” and the healing process began. This 18 months in prison was her time of solitude to come back to her spiritual roots and was where the Lord said to her, “This is your college campus, your training ground of preparation for what I have planned for you”. Pamela has received many earned certifications in different fields of Biblical Specialties, Counseling, Life Coaching and is an Ordained Chaplain, along with Transformational Leadership. She now has the God-given mandate to reach back to the lost and forgotten world within the gates. She has been drug and alcohol free since Feb. 24, 2010.


We have ministered to women and men throughout Georgia since 2012, and other states, as well as 40 prisons in Uganda and Kenya for the last 6 years. We are in the UK and have the open door in Jamaica, the Bahamas, and Canada soon. Through Holy Spirit, we bring healing of mind, body, spirit and soul to thousands through the “I See ME Free” Mentorship Program. This is a Holy Spirit breathed program, creating a cross pollination throughout the country and the world with a two-edged sword approach, mentor and mentee receiving healing and becoming equipped to further the Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven.

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