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A Ministry is Born!

Meet Dr. Pamela Hillman, the Founding President & CEO of LifeChangers Legacy

35 years. That's how long I was dependent on drugs and alcohol. My story is one of addiction and ugliness, that God turned into beauty and a message of redemption.

I was sexually abused from five-years-old by three different men until age 14. I was nine when I learned that drugs could numb the pain. I tried to commit suicide at 26, but the Lord intervened. I accepted Jesus Christ and was baptized. But even with a relentless desire to change after accepting Jesus, I couldn't stay clean.

I ended up in prison in 2010 to serve an 18-month sentence. But what Satan tried to use to harm me, God used to heal me. I studied every self-help, recovery and psychology book I could find in prison. But God spoke to me in my cell and said, "The only thing that will change the old mindset is the Word of God. Memorize a scripture a day".

While in prison, I started a class for my fellow inmates where I’d help them grow in their faith. We’d talk about the things that happened to them. And I could understand, because I had been there. The Lord gave me a prayer sheet for the ladies and I even sent it to other prisons. It still goes into prisons around the world today.



Doctorate in Pastoral Counseling | Masters in Christian Education | Paracletos Biblical Specialties Counseling Practitioner | Licensed Ordained Christian Life Empowerment Coach Licensed Ordained IFOC Chaplain | Member of the AACC American Association of Christian Counseling

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Pamela currently resides in Cumming, GA
with her husband, Os Hillman, and her 4 beautiful dogs.
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