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Polly Harper

There were years between our ages and our life experiences, but GOD had a purpose for our heavenly spirits to connect. Since then, we stayed in touch until one day, the "Captive" movie premier invitation popped up on my computer. It came indirectly from Os Hillman whom I had know for many years even though he was not a personal friend.

The storyline immediately reminded me of Pamela so I called to invite her as my guest. The first person we spoke with at the event was Os (the rest is HIStory). 

I stayed connected and watched Pamela as God continues to unveil "the future winding path" of Chebar Ministries. He is merging hearts, skills and ministry with her current partner in love and life - Os Hillman. For these few years, I have never seen any relapse into negative thinking or behaviour from Pamela. She is unselfish in her burning desire to bring others with her to a place of victory and vibrance. God is her true companion and guide. Even though she and Os share common faith, they each stand alone in their commitment to the calling God has on their lives. I would further contend that they are stronger together as God blends their work for future service.

Pamela treats people as God's treasure. She learns from them and listens for God's instruction to intercede and serve on His behalf. I have ultimate respect for and confidence in Pamela and her obedience to God.

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