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Our Mission

The Mission of LifeChangers Legacy is to empower, train and equip prisoners and “returning citizens” through our mentor-led life-transforming “I See ME Free” programs to eliminate recidivism, reduce homelessness, and restore families. 

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"I See ME Free"

Christ-Centered 4 Phase Workbook Curriculum 
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Why Should we CARE?

Join our highly trained Mentorship Program and CHANGE someone's life TODAY!


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Meet Dr. Pamela Hillman

  • Doctorate of Divinity Majoring in Pastoral Counseling

  • Masters in Christian Education  

  • Paracletos Biblical Specialties Counseling Practitioner

  • Licensed Ordained Christian Life Empowerment Coach 

  • Certified Ordained IFOC Chaplain 

  • Member of the AACC American Association of Christian Counseling

Dr. Pamela is continually enhancing her science and biblical knowledge to make LifeChangers Legacy the very best possible in helping the inmate/mentee.  She has become a certified Specialist in many fields of Alcohol and Substance Abuse and is certified as a Paracletos Biblical Specialty Counselor and Practioner. Pamela has learned the history of the Stages of Change (Trans-theoretical Model) and works with many with trauma and uses her expertise in Trauma Recovery Empowerment Model (TREM). She has obtained an understanding through training of how to use Enhanced Supervision Program (ESP) techniques to reinforce the change process. 

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