Wayne Kurzen, Chairman

EOS Implementor
  • Chairman of the Board

Wayne Kurzen, Chairman

Wayne Kurzen is a sought-after keynote speaker, multi-time national award-winning business advisor and successful entrepreneur with over 16 years experience in helping hundreds of business leaders create organizations that become market leaders and highly valued companies.

A decorated Air Force pilot and commander of a unit of 500, who was promoted in the top 1% of his peers. He translated his leadership and management skills in running several successful businesses – growing one startup to become a Home Depot supplier in less than two years.

Wayne’s passion is helping business owners have more time, money and the freedom to enjoy and pursue other passions. He does this by helping leadership teams implement the business operating system called EOS® — the Entrepreneurial Operating System®.

Wayne is also a member an elite Mastermind Group of 25 (of 270) EOS Implementers who develop tools that complement the EOS System.   

In addition to being a a Certified EOS® Implementer Wayne serves on the board of three non-profits: 101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For, Eight 28 and Chairman of the Board for LifeChangers Prison Legacy.