Pamela Hillman, Founder & President

Paracletos Biblical Specialist and Counseling Practioner, Ordained Chaplain

Pamela Hillman, Founder & President

We are very blessed having Pamela as our Founder and CEO.  She is uniquely and highly qualified for this position, having gone through similar challenges with drugs for 35 years and fulfilling every facet of this Ministries’ goals for persons with substance abuse problems through the many certifications in Counseling and Biblical Specialties, a Forgiving Forward Coach and Life Coach, as well as, solutions for the many problems of family members of the incarcerated.  She is our “Role Model” for our inmate/mentees.

As a result of Pamela’s past, (which you can read more about), she leads by example for women and men in prison which has led her to have such great passion and purpose to help these lost and forgotten become trained, equipped and empowered, to never return to the prison system again, but become pillars to our society.

Pamela started Chebar Ministries while in prison through the class called, ‘Daughters of Zion, Women of God, Using Their Time Wisely’. Since her release Nov. 18, 2010, she has created programs under the name of LifeChangers Legacy.

She has been called by God to this ministry to “Women in prison on drug related charges…..and their families” and we are so blessed that she has accepted that “call” since she is  so uniquely qualified to head this ministry.   Her entire life has prepared her for tackling America’s number one problem. For the past two years Pamela has run a transition house on the outside of the prison.

Pamela is continually enhancing her science and biblical knowledge to make LifeChangers Legacy the very best possible in helping the inmate/mentee.  She has become a certified Specialist in many fields of Alcohol and Substance Abuse and is certified as a Paracletos Biblical Specialty Counselor and Practioner. Pamela has learned the history of the Stages of Change (Trans-theoretical Model) and works with many with trauma and uses her expertise in Trauma Recovery Empowerment Model (TREM). She has obtained an understanding through training of how to use Enhanced Supervision Program (ESP) techniques to reinforce the change process. She is certified as a Forgiving Forward Life Coach and is currently undergoing her Certification Licensing to become a Correctional Chaplain.
She knows the need for these in her field of helping others to transform their thinking.

We are also blessed to have on our management team, a uniquely qualified group of individuals who are led by God to join in this powerful movement for change within our gates and bringing family restoration to our communities.