Hon. H.E. Sir. Dr. Raphael Louis

Canadian Partnership

Hon. H.E. Sir. Dr. Raphael Louis

Raphael Louis, (born in Les Cayes, Haiti), human rights advocate, political nationalist, federal and provincial government lobbyist, Founder, President & CEO of the Federal Association for the Advancement of Visible Minorities (FAAVM), Founder & Leader of The National Coalition Party of Canada (NCPC). His humanitarian, social justice and political advocacy helps underprivileged minorities, ushering in a peaceful democratic transition. Raphael has been awarded several humanitarian prizes, diplomatic credentials, chivalric and nobility titles and recognition from various institutions and organizations worldwide.

Early Life and Work

Raphael Louisis the son of Idanor Louis and Yva G. Louis. Young Raphael attended elementary and secondary schools at Seminaire Adventiste Franco Haitien (SAFH) and was a brilliant student. Raphael was deeply impacted by the socioeconomic and environmental conditions of Haiti and expressed his concerns through music, such as piano and guitar. He received a scholarship at Lynn William Rouzier School of Arts where he studied Ballet and Haitian Arts and Culture. He also wrote and co-produced a TV film-documentary, while working at a local television station. Raphaelmoved to Naples, Florida (USA) to be reunited with his father. After his father’s death, Raphael moved to Canada seeking asylum on the grounds that returning to Haiti would lead to persecution on account of religious, human rights and political beliefs. He attended College and University where he studied law, criminology and other self interest courses. Raphael has been leading the FAAVM organization for the past sixteen (16) years, and is NCPC Leader through which he is helping revitalize and advance democracy in Canada.

Wrongful Conviction and Incarceration

Raphael was incarcerated at William Head InstitutionPrison, in Victoria British Columbia for a crime he did not commit. He was charged and convicted of fraud by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), a federal government institution, where Raphael received absolutely no money. He filed his income tax legally without any false document then after his claim was denied by the agency; they decided to appear before a judge and made false statement to obtain a search warrant. The search warrant was executed by the CRA agents and the police where various FAAVM legal documents were seized. At his pre-sentence hearing, the officer indicated that Raphael required psychological or psychiatric evaluations because one of his website was promoting his dream to one day become Prime Minister of Canada. The judge declared him a danger to society at his sentencing hearing and was sent to prison accordingly. During his incarceration, Raphael was pressured to terminate his FAAVM organization’s activities, denied his right to appeal and denied his right to accelerated parole. Raphael continues to fight for human rights and justice and hopeful to get his life back one day.

Humanitarian and Philanthropist 

Raphael battles for a more just and fair world and his experiences with human rights inequities inspired him to create and establish the Federal Association for the Advancement of Visible Minorities (FAAVM) as a vital socioeconomic and humanitarian instrument to vehicle social justice, fundamental freedoms, transnational solidarity and global peace amongst minorities and between peoples of the world. FAAVM existence represents a significant multilateral humanitarian system, which stands firmly as a human rights watchdog to protect human beings from crimes against humanity and to have recourse to a justice system based on the element of truth and the rule of law.