Abigail Elam

Specialized Medical Consultant

Abigail Elam

Abigail has an extensive background in the medical field, encompassing ten years of multidisciplinary medical knowledge and experience. Her career began as an EMT-I working on a Mobile Intensive Care Unit treating the most critical patients seen in the ICU, while also executing the skilled use of the most advanced medical devices available for patient transport. She has further experience in the 911 pre-hospital emergency setting, ER, OR, and private medical practice / Spa environment encountering and treating patients with a wide variety of medical conditions.

Naturopathic, Emergency, Chronic Illness, Compounding, Organic, and synthetic pharmacological specialist. IV specialist with Tx impact Physiology for chronic illness solutions.

Contract Paramedical Examiner for Life & Disability Insurance Policy screening examinations.

Abigail’s most recent career highlight directly involved aiding in the development, and implementation of a completely naturopathic IV Infusion program for a nationally recognized physician, who specializes in functional and holistic medicine.

She has since moved on to start her own Medical Consulting L.L.C. that specializes in the start-up and development of naturopathic IV programs & specialized medical consultations. Primary focus on correction of core pathophysiology related to acute and chronic illness utilizing naturopathic Tx methods & IV/INJ services.