Our Vision

  • A place to help returning citizens and communities be restored and equipped, rebuilding lives.
  • Employment and a place to volunteer for returning citizens and the community.
  • A welcoming safe place to re-integrate into society with like-minded people seeking personal and spiritual growth.
  • A point of connection and access to resources in the community.
  • Will help introduce our ministry and resources available to those who do not know us.

We plan to provide a safe and spiritual environment that can provide many other community services such as:

  • “I See ME Free” weekly transformational courses for communities
  • Health and Wellness
  • Financial, Family, and Parenting Courses
  • Unchained Ministries Inner Healing
  • Job training and readiness
  • Computer classes
  • DUI classes weekly
  • Hyperbaric PHP
  • International Weight Loss and Stop Smoking Therapy