Our “I See ME Free” 4 Phase workbook program goes into all the ladies prisons in Ga, in some other states, and has been translated in 40 prisons in Uganda. We partner with UK reentry programs and Canadian reentry programs will be joining us in 2020. These workbooks are bringing healing to wounded souls and getting to the root causes of negative thoughts and behaviors. We provide a Mentor for each person within the prison who gets the workbook, which is done from the convenience of the Mentor’s home and takes 30 minutes a week, via email and video chat.

We are expanding our program to include a transformational center. We invite you to look at the documents below. You will find a complete program overview, a handbook for our transformational center, and more information on the building we are looking to purchase. 

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When you make a donation you may request updates at any time. We currently send reports and metrics out annually. When you request updates you may ask for general information such as improvements on our mentees in the following areas: disciplinary actions, ASRI scale, aggression, over all wellness, conflict resolution, critical thinking, empathy, as well as, current numbers of mentees and mentors.


The mission of LifeChangers Legacy is to empower, train, and equip those in prison and ‘Returning Citizens;” to restore them to their families; live a new Christ-centered lifestyle in spiritual, physical, and financial wellness, giving back to society.
LifeChangers Legacy’s, Daughters of Zion Transitional Living Program (DOZ) is a comprehensive wrap-around program to provide our mentees/clients personalized care, skills and a Christ-centered lifestyle necessary to successfully transition back into their communities from prison. There is a serious shortage of transition housing, particularly for women. DOZ interfaces with our “I See ME Free”, a 4 Phase workbook, mentor and incentive program for those incarcerated. Both LifeChangers Legacy programs are ones of personal responsibility and meaning which break the bonds of addiction by fostering Christ-centered transformational beliefs, thinking, and behaviors. Our mentees will receive from the DOZ program what they put into it with the help of our staff of Case Managers, Clinical Coordinators, House Directors, and Mentors. Our rules, policies, and procedures are Biblically-based, meet state guidelines and are in place to ensure the safety, health and overall well-being for the ladies returning from prison, our staff and the communities to which our ladies return.
Each of DOZ’s four stages has its own monitoring, measurable outcomes through Social Solutions Software (used by Georgia and other states) which supports the management of program components of Christ-centered cognitive behavior skills, critical thinking, and addiction relapse prevention.

The 4 DOZ stages:

Stage 1 – begins in prisons with LifeChangers Legacy’s “I See ME Free” 4 Phase workbook, mentor and incentive program which usually takes 12 – 18 months. 

Stage 2 –

Part A has two parts and takes place at the DOZ Transformational Housing in the North Georgia mountains. The first part lasts 3 months. It is structured to remove institutional reactions and solidify the mentees’ emotional and spiritual foundations. 

Part B is in the 4th month which includes comprehensive, personalized living and job readiness skills, basing it on their own gifts and talents given by God, and previous skills. 

Stage 3 – relocates mentees to apartments in Metro Atlanta where individualized job equipping based on the mentees’ own abilities, interests, gifts and talents given by God, and previous skills, leads to their job placements through HireLiving, Inc. and other collaborating organizations. After successfully completing the “I See ME Free” workbook program, job readiness and establishing a good work performance record while being supervised and receiving personalized, comprehensive supports in progressively decreasing amounts as warranted. 

Stage 4 –offers our mentees the opportunity for modestly supported (life coaches and/or mentors as requested) independent living in the same apartment community. No background check necessary.

Their new independent Christ-centered lifestyle includes DOZ ladies continuing to pursue their personal growth in Christ, in their families, in their physical and financial well-being; and generously contributing to the prosperity of their communities. 

This summer we are in a capital campaign to raise money to purchase a Transformational Home for Ladies coming out of prison. We have a matching grant of $100,000 that we will receive if we can raise $100,000 toward the purchase of this home. Click here to donate to our LifeChanging opportunity for success for this much-needed home for women.