LifeChangers Legacy Program is a prison and reentry program that helps women find their path through our specialized therapeutic interventions combined with biblical specialties program, “I See ME Free” incentive mentorship program. We are a “Station of Hope” through the Department of Community Supervision.
Incarcerated people who do not engage in a faith-based program have an extremely high recidivism rate (over 60%). Those who are released from prison are generally re-arrested within 3 years. Those who participate in a Christ-centered evidence-based program have a recidivism rate of only 20% or less.

Our mentor program allows you to mentor others from your own home without going into prison. We have a great team of committed volunteers and mentors that help in the support of many within the gates, and in our communities, those that are eager for change and guidance. There are many video testimonies, including a portion of the testimony of incredible redemption of Pamela (Winderweedle) Hillman, Founder, and President. Learn more about becoming a mentor here.

There have been approximately 350+ ladies we have mentored over 5 years. Many of these ladies are in our Stage 1 program within the prison, who we now call our “mentees”. Each student is matched with a mentor through our specialized software assessment match program.

We have a qualification system comprised of an assessment for prospective mentees to assess needs and other necessary information, which will include:

  • Commitment for change of mindset and lifestyle
  • Family and personal assessment & history
  • Agreement to accept program rules -should list proposed goals and expectations
  • Introduction to mentor
  • Incentive gifts (for each Mentee)

Mentors participate in email and video correspondences with students weekly. Cards and letters are sent by mentors at least by-weekly. Monthly correspondence with mentee’s families and their needs are encouraged and applied, where applicable.

The “I See Me Free” Incentive Workbook is a 12-18 month, 4-phase program (we have an outside Technical and Business, and Etiquette training, and much more once released).

Each mentee turns in a weekly assessment from the workbook to their mentor, who then turns into the staff to evaluate and keep on record for progressive measurable outcomes. We offer “incentives” to the program for the mentees to know that there are benefits to diligent work and efforts, in motivation for change.

After the second month in the program, students will start to earn the “incentives” attached to the workbook assessments (you can find out more about the Mentor program here). These incentives are motivators for them to complete their weekly work and strive for change. You meet a physical need, you plant a seed and meet a spiritual need. Incentives may include:

  • Twenty dollars on their books monthly (starting after completion of Phase 1)
  • A pair of tennis shoes; or a food or clothing package
  • Equivalent to fifty dollars two times per year
  • We send in 7 Step to Courage, Forgiving Forward, and devotional books between each phase.

Mentoring Video

In Prison Group Sessions

  • 25 – 30 students per group
  • Quarterly Incentive Program Workbooks
  • Lesson plans are communication, accountability, expectations & much more & activity driven
  • Student group leaders will be assigned and rotated
  • Mentors are assigned
  • Apply Goals & journaling
  • Accountability program
  • Classes are 12 weeks
  • 5 Instructors and one Supervisor
  • Lesson plans are activity driven, will have purpose and materials will be provided as needed.
  • Student group leaders will be assigned and rotated weekly
  • Mentor will remain assigned for 1 year
  • Continue teaching the “I See ME Free” even after released
  • Classes will include:
    • Mental health awareness
    • Personal financial training
    • Job coaching
    • Fitness and nutrition
    • Family counseling and restoration
    • “Good stewardship” training
    • Professional appearance training
    • Hygiene and Etiquette
    • Philosophical principles of Christ

 Work Release Program

The Mentee will have a job during all or part of the day and will return to independent living at night, where they will receive further job coaching and training, as well as reviewing all that has been taught during the prior phases to help them become a productive member of society. Mentoring will continue during this time. Coaching and training topics include:

  • Relapse prevention strategies (role-playing and other activities)
  • Reinforcing the foundation strengths and establishing a support system
  • Life skills application
  • Acquiring a drivers license

This phase also includes a post-survey to assess achievements. Mentoring will continue.

 Full Release Back into Society

The student will be under parole supervision by the State. Mentoring will continue as needed and some students may be permitted to remain in the Transitional Facility and given responsibilities to mentor and instruct other students either in or out of prison.

After Care

Former students will continue to apply all that has been learned, by their involvement in the LifeChangers Legacy Program as an instructor and/or mentor…..and continue applying all learned skills and other programs to their lives, including “Giving Back”.

Ask questions or apply to be a mentor here: