"It's not what happens to you, but what you DO with what happens to you." 

Pamela Winderweedle Hillman is founder and president of LifeChangers Legacy, Chebar Ministries. These organizations are designed to empower women and men ("Returning Citizens") and their families, who are dealing with life challenges while coming out of difficult circumstances. We provide them with the tools necessary to equip and achieve financial independence, personal growth, family restoration & leadership, and a spiritual foundation through a curriculum of continuous education. The goal is to help the whole person live a Christ-centered life that builds confidence and dependence in God.

Pamela was sexually abused from age 5 by three different men, causing unbearable pain. She learned that drugs could numb that pain. Her dependence on drugs progressed greater and greater, which led her to prison for 18 months. She discovered she could relate to some of the same horrific experiences that many women in prison and outside have suffered. She realized her “Josephine” calling while there.

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Pamela is now happily married to Os Hillman and they live in north Atlanta with their five beautiful dogs.




At age 26 she recommitted her life to Jesus after trying to commit suicide. Throughout her life she still could not shake the drug dependency, even though she had such a relentless desire to change and knew Jesus. She realized she had to find out what was causing her to go back to this insidious addiction even though she had such a desire to stay clean. 

She discovered she had to change her old mind-set and face some core issues and traumas that had engraved her behavior, in order to bring about lasting change. Studying psychology, self-help and recovery books did not provide the complete answer. She then discovered that only through memorizing the Word of God, and being led by the Holy Spirit, could the healing process begin. Chebar Ministries, LifeChangers Legacy serves women in prison and provides training and transition help after they come out. 

amela is continually enhancing her counseling and Biblical knowledge to make LifeChangers Legacy Programs the very best possible through continual education to be able to help the mentees/students within the gates and their families, and anyone she comes in contact with.  

Since February 24, 2010, she has been healed, "from the inside out" and delivered from all drugs and alcohol. 

Just a few of Pamela's counseling certifications include:

  • Paracletos Institute International: Therapeutic Interventions combined with Biblical Specialties

  • Guide Training: Cultural Competence for the Prevention Professional, Ethics in Prevention

  • Fundamentals of Prevention & Addiction

  • Atlanta Intervention Network: The History of Addiction

  • Transformational Leadership, with Ford Taylor 

    Pamela has learned the history of the Stages of Change (Trans-theoretical Model).   She has gained an understanding through training of the Enhanced Supervision Program (ESP).  She has obtained an awareness of how to use Enhanced Supervision Program (ESP) techniques to reinforce the change process.