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“We transform lives through our ‘I See Me FREE’
Incentive Mentorship Workbook Program
for women and men in prison.”

Pamela (Winderweedle) Hillman

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For many years, I was a victim of physical and sexual abuse by many different men, including some family members in the beginning.
The pain led me into a life of 35 years of drugs, and jail on many occasions. It would ultimately land me in prison for 18 months in 2010.
“My time of refuge to come back to God! My college campus!”
I’ve been healed and delivered of all the past issues ever since.
I started a class while inside the gates, called “Daughters of Zion, Women of God, Using Their Time Wisely” and created Chebar Ministries in 2012. Through creating workbook-text programs to go into the prison, I started “LifeChangers Legacy”. I have been helping women and men gain healing and wholeness through Therapeutic Interventions combined with Biblical Specialties Counseling, the power of Christ in His Word
and a research evaluated, best-practices proven curriculum and mentoring process,
“I See ME Free”.

Partner with us to help women and men reclaim their lives from the
limiting patterns of old mindsets and destructive behaviors.
Our program is a proven program that brings life, restoration and transformation,
“From the Inside OUT”


The above chart describes the features we offer compared to all the other prison ministries.

LCL is designed to empower at-risk individuals within the prison system with the tools necessary in equipping and training each to achieve personal spiritual growth in Christ, family restoration and coaching, financial training and independence of good stewardship, with a grounded foundation of truth through our ‘Therapeutic Interventions combined with Biblical Specialties’
programs of continuous education.
Our goal is to help the whole person; mind, body, spirit, and soul to live a
Christ-centerd life that builds confidence and dependence in God,
so they become a pillar to the community, contributing back and 
living their life of purpose, on purpose and for God’s purposes.  

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Proven Results

Each returning citizen has a mentor that works with her while in prison to mentor them through a 12-month program, via email and video chat, and walks along side them to continue the process of success an additional year upon release. The mentor never goes into the prison, unless they choose to with our team.

Pamela with Sheryl after being mentored 6 years during a 20 year prison term.
Freed December 2018!
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You may be the person someone needs to love them and help them get on the right track to reclaim their life. Together we can lower the recidivism rate from 83% to under 20% through our
Therapeutic Interventions combined with Biblical Specialties program!
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This poem was inspired by God and written by Pamela (Winderweedle) Hillman 
while she was in prison in 2010, while fighting her own “Confrontation Within”.
 It is now part of her book, “See ME Free, from The Confrontation Within”.

We support through helping replace wrong thinking of their “Confrontation Within” while they are incarcerated, to change emotional patterns, and limited beliefs with healthy effective thoughts through our customized
‘Therapeutic Interventions combined with Biblical Specialties’ techniques.
Our “I See ME Free” program includes interactive workbook learning and weekly mentor support,
from the convenience of the mentor’s home. 
It is based on research evaluated, reliable evidence-based, best practices techniques and the power of the Word of God-the Bible.

Pamela is highly qualified through all her experiences and research, with many accumalitive
fields of earned Counseling, Coaching and Leadership Certifications, and soon to be a Licensed Correctional Chaplain.


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