Following are comments from those who have seen and experienced the work of LifeChangers Legacy Program, Chebar Ministries and
Pamela Winderweedle Hillman

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Os Hillman
President, Marketplace Leaders. A Husband's Perspective

"I am blessed to be married to Pamela and must say I had no idea the level of giving Pamela extended to those in prison and those coming out. She is so selfless in her giving and serving those who need hope and a new future. Pamela is a woman who loves God and loves people and her own struggles in the past has uniquely allowed her to empathize with the needs of the disenfranchised. I love you sweetheart!"


Ford Taylor
FSH Group/Transformational Leadership

What an amazing gift Pamela is to the women she serves. She is a true example of how God uses a life with a past that allows God to transform them in such a way that allows them to help others experience that same transformation. She is proof that every saint has a past and every sinner has a future. Thank you Pamela for the impact that you are having on so many and for being a living breathing example of God's love, grace and truth.

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Wallette V. McCall
President, Another Level Coaching

"Pamela is a wonderful non-profit/public servant leader and because of her own experience, she is simply masterful at creating an atmosphere where people are willing to communicate openly and honestly. Her strength as a communicator is her ability to listen deeply for long periods of time and follow-up with sound questions and insight.Pamela challenges and inspires women to seek what they did not think was possible. After speaking with Pamela, they are able to more clearly evaluate their personal and professional desires, needs and goals more effectively."


Polly Harper
‘NetWorthing’ for Life

Pamela and I met quite by ‘divine appointment’. I made one visit to a ladies business networking event. We each had one minute to tell our story. Out of about 30 ladies, she was the only one that led to a follow up call. There were years between our ages and our life experiences, but GOD had a purpose for our heavenly spirits to connect. Since then, we stayed in touch until one day, the ‘Captive' movie premier invitation popped up on my computer. It came indirectly from Os Hillman whom I had known for many years even though he was not a personal friend. The storyline immediately reminded me of Pamela so I called to invite her as my guest. The first person we spoke with at the event was Os (the rest is HIStory).

I stay connected and watch Pamela as God continues to unveil 'the future winding path' of Chebar Ministries. He is merging hearts, skills and ministry with her current partner in love and life - Os Hillman. For these few years, I have never seen any relapse into negative thinking or behavior from Pamela. She is unselfish in her burning desire to bring others with her to a place of victory and vibrance. God is her true companion and guide. Even though she and Os share common faith, they each stand alone in their commitment to the calling God has on their lives. I would further contend that they are stronger together as God blends their work for future service.

Pamela treats people as God’s treasure. She learns from them and listens for God’s instruction to intercede and serve on His behalf. I have ultimate respect for and confidence in Pamela and her obedience to God.


Jim Brangenberg
Radio Talk Show Host, IWork4Him

In 2016, I was privileged to have Pamela with Chebar Ministries, LifeChangers Legacy on the iWork4Him Show. It is hard to contain the excitement in Pamela as she shares the miraculous work of Jesus on her life. As she described the transformation in her life, it was a great reminder to me about the power of Jesus to save the lost. As Pamela described her call to ministry back in the jails and prisons to those women who have become part of that system, it warmed my heart to hear how the Lord is using Pamela’s past experiences to encourage and disciple others. Praise God for His Miraculous power and His never ending love for the lost. Thank God for Pamela and Chebar Ministries.


Robert Rectenwald D.C.
Life University

I see God using Pamela in a unique way to do what few others are able or willing to do. The work she does through Chebar Ministries is changing lives in a significant way by demonstrating the pure love of God. Her passion, enthusiasm and cheerful spirit adds power to the message. It is a privilege and a joy to partner with her in this work.


David W. Dorries
Ph.D., Director, Kairos Ministries International

"Although Pamela and I live in different states, I appreciate her friendship and believe in the integrity of her life and ministry. A couple of years ago, I made a special trip from Texas to Georgia to bring some pottery equipment as a donation to Chebar Ministries. I am thankful to have a small part in this amazing ministry that is all about reaching women with the transforming love and power of Jesus Christ!"


Kate Boccia
CEO, The National Incarceration Association, Inc.

"Pamela is a treasure on every level. Her compassion coupled with her relentless determination is a Godsend for all the lives she touches. I am blessed to work with her." 


Susan Brown
Founder, Impact Coaching LLC

From the moment I met Pamela at a networking event, she was eager to share her redemptive journey. I was awestruck by her unabashed love for Jesus and all that He had done to transform her life. In fact, her story was so powerful that with her permission, I shared a small portion of it in my book as a beautiful example of one who has turned adversity into destiny. For the past four years, I have witnessed her laser-focused efforts to transform the lives of women in prison, fulfilling her God-given destiny. I have no doubt that Pamela will bless beyond measure, the lives of countless women. 


“Pamela’s story is so real, raw and powerful that it’s no surprise how the Lord is using her right now. Pamela’s transformation gives hope to so many women and is a testimony of the power of Jesus at work today. Thank you for your boldness and courage as you continue to be His hands extended into our prisons and jails.”

 James Kramer, CEO/Founder, World Changer Network




Jimmy Collins, 

President, James Gang Films, Inc.