Ways to Donate

Make a difference and Partner with us today. Thank you so much for your prayers and support of LIfeChangers Legacy, Chebar Ministries, Inc. You are personally invited today to become a LifeChanger partner with this ministry. Your monthly financial partnership makes it possible for us to share God’s unconditional love and unending hope to those who need rehabilitation and grace. Without YOU, this would not be possible. Our desire is to continue sharing hope with millions in new ways and in new places. We are so excited about all the wonderful things that God has placed in our hearts to accomplish in His name.

We invite you to view all of our information on taxes and programs by clicking on our Guidestar seal. We are also a Station of Hope. Stations of Hope are faith-based organizations, dedicated nonprofits, and businesses dedicated that are implementing Healing Communities principles within their communities and joined under a collective covenant. As a network, Stations of Hope share best practices, support each other, and work collaboratively to advocate for policy reform. Click on our Station of Hope seal to learn more.

As a result of your donation today you give hope and a future to the lost and forgotten who are incarcerated! Make a difference and be a LifeChanger today! Because of your donation you will be helping change the mindset and lifestyle of someone created in God’s image. Every woman or man we help is someone’s mother or father, daughter or son, sister or brother, or friend; hence, your donation will effect our communities. One out of every four people you meet have been incarcerated or is currently under community supervision.  Do you know someone who has been affected by the criminal justice system?  We offer a better and lasting chance for them to have the opportunity to become a pillar of society.

LifeChangers Legacy Program is a non-profit 501(c)(3). Therefore it is essential that we receive donations to fund our incentive training and mentorship programs. Please take the time to get to know us and see first hand how we’re making a difference in the lives of many women and men, and their families. We welcome and need your support to keep this program alive!   90% of incarcerated people are released into our communities each year.  Don’t you want the opportunity to have an impact on their lives before their release?  Your contribution can make a difference today, tomorrow, and forever in your community and mine.

Please consider providing monthly support, which allows us to better plan for our programs!