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Dr. Sam Serio Continued.....
Dr. Sam has worked in corporate America and has been one of the top salesman in each company. 

He is also an award-winning Author whose book was labeled "Best Ministry Book of the Year" saying that "Sam Serio's book should be in every Pastor's study and in every Christian Counselor's office. Every pastor should add this book to their library." (The Gospel Coalition, 2016 Award)

He has pastored several churches on the East Coast and has been a Major Gifts Fundraiser for three different Christian global ministries to the poorest people on earth. He has raised millions of dollars in working with donors whose gifts were $5,000 to $500,000 in his twelve years of serving.

He is a Pastoral Counselor and has written much to help churches do a better job in reaching people whom the church usually ignores or abhors. He especially knows the connection and correlation between sexual abuse, assault and molestation as an underlying factor in men and women being incarcerated. His goal is to help write curriculum in helping them heal and restore.

He wants to equip our ministry with the materials few others have as they work in the prisons today.
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