Our Vision is to provide a better chance for returning citizens. We seek to help communities thrive due to Biblically transformed individuals from prison, and their families, actively living their lives with purpose, on purpose, for God’s purposes.

We have been reducing recidivism since 2012. In 2017 we expanded our mentorship program by offering a four-phase workbook. 

Our Mission: Equipping mentors to help break the cycle of addictions and help restore individuals from incarceration back into society, reducing recidivism and preventing homelessness.

February 18, 2020 Pamela’s 10-Year Celebration of Freedom from Drugs and Alcohol


To provide a successful restorative reentry process.

LCL focuses on the incarcerated and previously incarcerated as well as training and equipping those in our community.

A healthy working head of the family is a need for all families and LCL will ensure that the returning citizen has access to adequate housing and sustainable employment.

For children to grow up into healthy individuals, LCL will help reconnect families to help reduce the likelihood of children with incarcerated parents of becoming criminally active, by helping returning citizens we hope to indirectly reduce that likelihood from 33%.

You have the power to make a difference.

Our founder, Pamela Hillman, spent three years composing the “I See Me Free” workbook. Each phase consisting of therapeutic interventions, critical thinking, cognitive behavior, and Trauma Empowerment Recovery Model combined with biblical specialties. LifeChangers Legacy provides a walk along with a mentor to read alongside through each returning citizen’s journey.

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The Program

The “I See ME Free” Incentive Mentorship Program is a solution to the huge problem of the “Recidivism Rate.” National statistics reveal that of those incarcerated, 83% return back to prison within 3 years after being released. In 2020 approximately 420 participants inside prison went through our “I See ME Free” workbook program. Of this 60 were released from prison. Of this group of 60, none have returned to prison. To date our program currently has a 100% success rate.  These citizens will be coming out into our communities. We must prepare them to re-enter society free of the issues which may have contributed to their problem.

Our program is heavily invested in highly trained Mentors. Our mentors help from the comfort of home. All commutation is electronic via email and video chat. We provide training and meet electronically monthly. No in-prison mentoring is required unless you choose to go in with our teams.


The program uses 4 Phase “I See ME Free” Curriculum Manuals developed by Pamela (Winderweedle) Hillman, each over 200-pages that cover the 12-month committed mentoring period.